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Locker Room Concerns?

With very few exceptions, you typically hear the party line coming out of the Celtics' locker room.  The stories are all about camaraderie and team focus.  They have catchy slogans like Ubuntu or "team ego" or "we not me" (if you count KG's commercials).

That's why it is so surprising when you hear anyone speak about cracks in that veneer.  Then again, given the team's record over the last several weeks, perhaps not.

Rondo is quoted extensively in Bulpett's article this morning wondering aloud about people's motivations and agendas:

"We are getting bored with it some," he said, "but I think it’s a little bit of different agendas maybe creeping in. It just all depends. You know, I think if we all had the right spirit as far as one goal, one thing in common, I think we’d be a lot better."

"It’s a different team this year," Rondo said then. "That’s our problem. A couple of years ago, we didn’t have the same team. We had the same main guys, but it’s still a team effort, from the first guy to the 15th guy."

"I can’t really elaborate on it too much, but I think we’ve just got to be a team with no agendas," Rondo said. "We’ve got to play unselfish, you know? That’s on defense and offense. You’ve got to want the best for the next man out there regardless if you’re in the game playing well or you’re out of the game not playing well."

Interesting and concerning comments to say the least.

Note: This isn't the first time Rondo has tried to challenge his teammates.  In the playoffs last year, he reportedly led a group of younger players to speak out against the veterans.  He seems like a quiet guy, but he certainly lacks nothing in terms of confidence.  Hopefully the buttons he's trying to push now will be more effective than that last meeting.

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