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Glen Davis chooses favorite CelticsBlog nickname

Many of you recall that back on January 25th, Glen Davis told reporters that he no longer wanted to be called "Big Baby" and he wanted a new nickname. He said to get a blog going and find a new nickname for him. Since then, he has taken a step back from those remarks, saying that he still likes Big Baby and knows he will be called that, but that didn't stop us from still running a contest at CelticsBlog to see which nickname he liked the best.

After getting over 100 nickname suggestions, eight of the best were chosen and given to Glen. They were:

Big Easy

Big Once (pronounced ohn-say)

The Tank

Sweet Feet

The Body

The Bayou Banger

Big Dig

The Eleventh Hour

Davis had a good laugh after reading the list of names, and after narrowing the list down to three names (Big Once, Sweet Feet, and The Eleventh Hour), he chose The Eleventh Hour, thought up by CelticsBlog user Gingi.

"Call me Glen Davis a.k.a. 'Uno Uno' a.k.a. 'The Eleventh Hour,'" he said.

Gingi, contact Jeff Clark for information on where/when to pick up your tickets to an upcoming Celtics game. 

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