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It wasn't pretty, but we'll take it

Well it was closer than we had hoped, but a win is a win, right? All records aside, you have to get up for every team in this league, and the Celtics were sleep walking through the first half of this game. They turned it up enough on defense in the second half to escape with the victory, 96-87.

  • Eddie House scored all of his points in the fourth quarter, coming up huge on a few occasions.
  • Nets shot 63% in the first half but couldn't keep up with that pace in the second half
  • Celtics went on a mini-run to start the third quarter, and the game remained a one posession game for remainder of the third.
  • Another double-double for Rondo, what else is new? Great court vision in the fourth quarter. Had the highest +/- of the game
  • Ray Allen turned in a solid shooting night, 9/17 from field for 26 points. Also seven rebounds.
  • Some sloppy play/turnovers towards the end of the fourth quarter.

Post-game recap to follow...

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