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Pierce: I'm good to go tomorrow

If it were up to Paul Pierce, he'd be playing against the Magic tomorrow afternoon, according to the Boston Globe:

"I feel pretty good, light practice, I'm good to go tomorrow," Pierce said. "It's a lot better than it was yesterday, so it's improving, not quite 100 percent, but it's good enough for me to play on. It's a matter of healing, it's a little sprain, mid-foot. It really hurt, last couple days, but I've been getting necessary treatment and it's getting better every day. I feel like I could have went last game but I'm really ready to go."

If you ask Doc Rivers, though, Pierce playing tomorrow is not a sure thing: 

"I thought he looked good until we ran a couple live plays, then he was a little hesitant," Rivers said of Pierce. "And if he's hesitant, then I will probably sit him. We'll see tomorrow."

As for Marquis Daniels, his status for tomorrow's game remains up in the air (Via Green Street):

"If Marquis dresses, I still don’t know if he’ll play tomorrow," Rivers said after practice. "I’m not sure."

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