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To Play or Not to Play

Paul Pierce proclaimed yesterday that he's 'good to go' for today's game against the Orlando Magic. He also admitted that his foot is not yet at 100 percent, but that he could still play on it.

Doc Rivers, on the other hand, gave no assurances that Pierce would see action today, and the same goes for Marquis Daniels, who might finally be ready to return from his thumb injury.

However, with two games left before the All-Star break and a week off looming, is it necessary that these two play today? Both are "gamers", meaning they're more than willing to play through pain if it means playing at all, but is two games enough for either player to develop a legitimate rhythm, which they will more than likely lose over the All-Star break anyway?

Given the Celtics' recent struggles and a not so impressive three-game winning streak, will they really prove that much with victories over the Magic today and a Chris Paul-less Hornets squad on Wednesday? Surely they should do all they can to win the games, but is it worth playing Pierce and Daniels for two games when they might not be completely healthy yet? Especially considering the team is THISCLOSE to finally sporting a roster with a clean bill of health?

As much as I love watching Pierce and Daniels play, I can't help but think the C's should just suck it up for two more games, take the rest that the All-Star break will provide, sure up their players, and come back post All-Star break (fully healthy) ready to become the dominant team we expected them to be all along.

So, what do you guys think?

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