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To Play: Pierce and Daniels both suiting up

Doc Rivers announced in his pre-game press conference that both Paul Pierce and Marquis Daniels will be suiting up in today's game against the Orlando Magic.

"[Pierce] will play," Rivers said. "I'm just going to watch and see from there. I didn't think he looked great yesterday, so we'll just see. A lot of times, like I said earlier, is him testing it out more than playing on it, so it can fool you."

Rivers also said that Pierce told him that the pain is on the top of the foot. He can push off fine but hopes he doesn't get his foot stepped on.

Daniels sat at his locker with his thumb taped, along with a small cushion covering the thumb up. He told reporters he was excited to play and get back out there today.

Asked about Daniels, Rivers said, "His hand is not strong yet, it's not 100%, I think that is going to take some time, but as far as his legs and everything else I think he's good to go."

Asked whether or not Daniels is getting back into the rhythm of things, Doc noted that he still has a ways to go.

"It would be easier for guys who have been with the system. Marquis has to learn how to get back into NBA shape and rhythm and then he has to learn a whole new system for the most part. We've put in so many things since he's been out, so I'm not expecting a miracle from Marquis."

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