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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge

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This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

You know how this works by now.  We've got 10 pairs of tickets to give away for Wednesday's game against the Charlotte Jordan-cats.  This time we have an accelerated time schedule on this, so I'll make it simple.

How many technicals does Rasheed Wallace have over the course of his career?

We'll select 10 users at random and email you notification that you've won.  Please check your email because we can't wait long for your responses.

The rules as usual are simple. We will run a trivia question, you answer in the comments. SBNation staff (i.e. not anyone on the CelticsBlog staff) will randomly select winners from the comments. We will hold the contest open until midnight tonight and will announce the winners in a subsequent post. Tickets will be held at Will Call in your name, and SB Nation will help you coordinate the pickup.

Put your answer below in the comments. If you see that someone has already answered, that is ok, we are picking winners randomly, so the 1st guy in the pool is not the winner. Please only 1 entry and account per person (I will delete repeats).