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Starting Five - 3/10

Starting off the day with links and quotes.

Celtics misfire in fourth - The Boston Globe

"The only thing I told my guys I was disappointed in was that we went through a game with Ray Allen and he only got three shots,’’ Rivers said. "I thought all of the little plays were going to be the difference in the game, loose balls and offensive rebounds. I thought they won that battle.’’

Allen moved to speak after very quiet night - The Boston Globe

"I didn’t think it was good,’’ Allen said about the ball movement. "It wasn’t consistent all night. We really didn’t score. We were down 8 so we had to score. I thought we did an OK job the last minute or two, but we didn’t score.’’

Glen Davis draws Bucks’ ire -

"No doubt about it," Jennings said. "Once that happened, I said, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s on now.’ " Said Celtics coach Doc Rivers: "I don’t think the foul was hard enough for a reaction. Honestly, I don’t think Jennings did enough for Baby to react. So it’s just two young guys acting up, but no big deal."

Green Street " Fast break: Celtics edged by Bucks

There’s probably no bigger fan of Andrew Bogut’s game than Doc Rivers. The Celtics coach has gone out of his way to praise the big man for his ability to shoot with both hands and use his body to create angles. Rivers may be a fan, but he couldn’t have liked what he saw Tuesday night as Bogut killed the Celtics with 25 points and 17 rebounds.

Game to pay attention to: Celtics vs. Bucks - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports

The Celtics and Bucks don't want your offense to run smoother. They want to beat you, defensively, because for all the famous and semi-famous that dot their respective rosters, the Bucks and Celtics can only win if they shut you down.

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