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Can You Spare Some Change?

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Frustrated Doc Rivers mulls changes -

"We’ve been reluctant to make many changes with our rotations and stuff like that," he said after last night’s 111-91 loss to Memphis. "Maybe we have to think about that. Maybe not, but we have to think about it, because right now we’re just sketchy. We’re not playing consistent." This constitutes a significant step for Rivers and is a measure of his own frustration with the Celts. "Yeah, but, you know, I’m slow to change," he said. "I think consistency is better, but I think at times you do have to think about it. I’m not a big believer in change for change. If it’s not going to be a long change, I think that’s a waste of time personally." The coach will have ample time to consider the possibilities. Coming off a back-to-back, the Celts will not practice today.

So, what changes would you make?  More Shelden Williams?  Smallball?  Big lineups?  

It would have sounded crazy 3 months ago, but what about making a change to the starting lineup?  Maybe bring Ray off the bench (with Daniels starting)?  

The trade deadline is gone and there's no more help coming off the waiver wire.  If this team hopes to right the ship, the answers will have to come from within.

I'm sure several of the responses on this will be of the "nothing you can do, we're doomed" variety, but what fun is that?  Put yourself in Doc's shoes and see if you can suggest something (anything) that would snap this team out of its funk.  Feel free to be creative.