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Celtics Stuff Live: Jessica Camerato

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Join us tonight from 9-10pm when Jessica Camerato joins us from We've long felt that the Cavs are a better team without Shaq, and now there is proof. We joked that the reason the Celtics lost the last match-up because Glen Davis took him out. Now it seems the joke is on us, and via Jess' story from yesterday, Kendrick Perkins agrees:

The Cavaliers are 6-1 since O’Neal suffered a sprained thumb on February 25 against the Celtics. While it should be noted that wins during that stretch came against the sub-.500 Knicks, Nets, Pistons, and 76ers, Perkins believes that the Cavaliers have more options and speed without O’Neal.

"In my opinion, I think they’re better," he said after practice on Saturday. "They can run more, you’ve got Anderson Varejao who’s more of an active body, he gets LeBron open a lot, opens up the paint for him, so I think they’re a better team. I mean obviously Shaq could help them, but I think they’re a better, more fast-paced team."

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