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T-Mobile Trivia Challenge - More Free Tickets!

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Remember when T-Mobile gave us 70 free tickets?  Well, they ONLY have 52 for the game on Wednesday against Bill Walker and the Knicks! (doesn't that sound odd?)

I liked the quiz I did last time and I never actually released the answers, so I figure I'll run it out there again.

Below is a link to the quiz.  The first 26 NEW people to answer all the questions correctly gets a pair of tickets.  But before you start...

Some new rules:

  • If you won last time (the Memphis game) you can't win again.  I'm trying to spread the love here.
  • If you enter twice, I'll delete both entries.  No fair stuffing the ballot box.
  • More of a request: Please enter the name of the person that will be attending the game.  So if you want to win the tickets for your dad and you can't go, put his name down (and your email).

That's it.  Go!  Go now!

The T-Mobile Trivia Challenge Quiz

Link removed - quiz is closed.  Tallying winners.  If you get an email, you won!  If not, better luck next time.

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