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Is Rondo Scoring Less The Key To Winning?

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Interesting quotes from Doc and Rondo today in the papers:

Rajon Rondo’s game has its point -

"Part of the stuff that happened in that stretch where all of the injuries happened was we needed Rondo to score more," coach Doc Rivers said. "We needed Perk (Kendrick Perkins) to score more, we needed Baby (Glen Davis) to look for it more, because we had all those guys out. And part of your rhythm getting screwed up a little is when everybody comes back now you have to revert back to your old roles, and it takes time. You’re trying to fit these guys in, (and) they’re not really ready, but we’re still trying to get them the ball. And we couldn’t score, but we’re still going to them because we know eventually (they have to step up). "So that’s part of all that, and Rondo understands that as well as anybody. The great part about him (is) he doesn’t care if he has 20 (points) or 20 assists. He’ll take either one. He’s fine with it."

Rondo echoed those sentiments:

"When I feel like I need to score and be aggressive, I try and do it, but otherwise, if we're rolling I don't have to take shots," he said. "And that's fine with me - as long as we win. Getting assists is better for me than scoring."

Gotta love that about him.  He's a true point guard.

I'll say this though:  I don't totally buy the excuse that too many people were being asked to pick up the scoring.  There's no one reason why we were losing and big reason why we are winning now is because we are playing really, really bad teams.  The true test of our current run is coming up as we face some tough Western teams like the Rockets, Mavs, Jazz, and Nugs.