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Shelden Pushing Big Baby

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Shelden wants your minutes - Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"He's been great all year. Once he stopped playing, he never stopped working. And we kinda alerted the other bigs, if you're not getting the job done, we'll go with Shelden. If he's not, we'll go back to you, but I think right now, with our team, it's a good place for all them to be in. I thought it was good a few years ago with Leon [Powe] and [Glen Davis]. I thought it brought a sense of urgency that, other guys want to play. That's a good thing for our team. We kinda fell into it, but it's great that Shelden is there and he wants your minutes."

I agree with Red's Army that this is probably mostly directed at Glen Davis. Both have their strong points, and Doc sounds like he might start to platoon them like he did with Leon and Glen. But who would you want to see play more minutes?