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Available Free Agents

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The Celtics have 2 roster spots open and can sign a free agent or two.  Last night was the deadline for guys to get bought out or waived and still be eligible for post season play.  So the Daily Dime has a list of the top guys available now.  You've already heard by now that the Celtics are interested in Finley.  Here's the blurb on him.

The 15-year veteran realized it was time for him to move on when he found himself out of the rotation six games after he returned from a severe ankle sprain. His DNP-CD (Did Not Play-Coach's Decision) Feb. 7 at Indiana was the first of his career. "From his perspective, he wants to compete for a championship. And some of the top contenders have rosters on which he'd be a decent fit," Thomas said. Finley, who was owed about $600,000 by San Antonio, will clear waivers at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Don't count on Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  Apparently the Celtics called about him (as I'm sure every contender did) but he's pretty happy waiting the 30 days and going back to Cleveland.  Also, Travis Deiner seems to be headed to Portland.

Other guys available include some familiar old names: Mark Blount, Mike JamesWally Szczerbiak, and Ricky Davis all wore Celtic green at one point in their careers.  In case you are wondering, Antoine Walker, Wal-tah McCarty, and Dana Barros are all still available too.  For that matter, so is Tyronne Lue, though it appears that we've addressed the backup point position.

Personally I'm fine adding Finley but for the last roster spot, we might be better off leaving it open or signing a young guy from the D-League just to run through practices and give us an emergency body.