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Things are starting to look good for the boys in green and people are starting to notice.  Is this the team we've all been waiting for?  We can only hope.

Are the Celtics "back"? - ProBasketballTalk - Basketball - NBC Sports

It's been four games since the Cavaliers outran the Boston Celtics, since the "When are they going to turn it on?" panic button hit its zenith. Four games. Four wins. The last two actually matter, road games against two Texas teams, including a come from behind win over a Mavericks team at full strength Saturday night. The Celtics said that they were just "bored" and that they still hadn't really begun to play. The question now is, are we seeing the "real" Celtics? 

Finally coming into their own - The Boston Globe

So . . . this is the team we have longed to see. The Celtics who are the aggressors, who don’t blame fatigue and injury, and who relish the tougher parts of their schedule. Consecutive games at Houston and Dallas are a difficult stretch for any NBA team but the Celtics spent the past two nights sending a clear message to the rest of the league. They have a lot of basketball left and there are 13 games before the playoffs to tighten up the weaknesses.

Old Celtics Beat Mavericks: 102-93 - Celtics Central - Connecticut News

For a team that has been called old and has looked old for parts of this season, old again is the theme as in…they looked like the old Celtics. You know, the Celtics that comeback and win games in the 4th quarter against tough teams with a combination of good defense and offense. They came back from 7 down in the 4th quarter to beat the Dallas Mavericks, a team that had won 14 of their last 15 games, and are now being considered a legitimate threat in the west.

Green Street » Fast Break: Celtics-Mavericks

Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo combined for 70 points on 26-for-45 shooting, 16 rebounds and 14 assists. It was the Celtics’ fourth straight win and their fifth in the last six games. It was also their most significant win since beating the Lakers and Portland back-to-back in February