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T-Mobile Player of the Week - Ubuntu

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The week started off with a tough loss to the Cavs that had us feeling pretty low.  It seemed like the final piece of evidence that this team can't compete for the title this year.  But the defense refused to rest their case and the Celtics ran off 4 straight wins, which got progressively more impressive as the week went on.

I could give this award to The Truth for dropping 29, 26, and 29 points in the last three.  I could give it to Ray for shooting over 50% from 3 point range.  I could give it to KG for doing all the little things that make him KG.  I could give it to Rondo for doing whatever it takes to win each game (assists one day, points the next day).

Instead I'm giving it to everyone for looking like a cohesive team once again.  The most frustrating part of this season has been seeing these superstars play like average joes.  But turned those same superstars into Champions was buying in and selling out for each other.  Whatever it is that they were missing seems to be coming back.

My crystal ball is on the fritz, so I can't tell you if this will continue.  I just know it was fun to watch.