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Baby Stepping Up Into Role

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Glen Davis is putting in the extra work and doing well in his role.

New role, and on a little roll - The Boston Globe

"You definitely have to commit yourself to that in order to focus on the right things,’’ Davis said. "That’s what you have to focus on. I can’t focus on anything else — if I have an opportunity to shoot, if I have an opportunity to take a guy to the rim. My job is to be an energy guy and I’m comfortable with doing that.’’

Key role up Glen Davis’ alley -

"If you want to talk about the last two weeks, then yeah," Rivers said of Davis’ progress. "Over the last two weeks he has been very consistent, and that’s what we need him to be. He’s not a finesse player and he has to remember that. "When he comes in with energy, that’s when things really start to happen for him. Even if he just comes in looking to bring energy every night, then he’s going to be a better player."

Now if he could just stop forcing up shots in the post that end up getting blocked, we'll be making some progress.