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Pierce: "I Came Back Too Soon"

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to the surprise of nobody... via the Herald

But in retrospect, Pierce believes he came back too soon. Here are his observations following today's shootaround for tonight's game against Utah.

"For most part I'm healthy now. I played a lot of games I shouldn't have played in, and I'm really starting to come around as far as my foot, knee and my hand. When you play less than 100 percent it's tough, especially at the age I am now. I could bounce back when I was younger, but I learned a lot about myself this year with these injuries, and I probably need to take more time off when I have these types of injuries.

"Yeah," Pierce said of whether he rushed back. "I was a little stubborn, since in the past I was able to play through it, and it really affected my play. It was a combination of everything. My knee, after all-star break I got it drained, and it took me a few weeks to get the strength back in that. Then I sprained my thumb. It was the little things that were happening to me.