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NBA Paul > NCAA Paul

Its March, so why not check out some good old debate about what is better, the NBA or the NCAA.

NBA Talking Points: In Defense Of March Madness (A Response To NBA Snobs) - SB Nation

I love the NBA. I really do. And criticizing others that love the league is something I try to avoid, because frankly, there aren't many diehards at this point. But the NBA snobs have forced my hand here. Their perspectives are best encompassed by this tweet, from Hardwood Paroxysm's Matt Moore:

"NCAA is for the heart. NBA is for the mind. Its a lifetime movie vs. IFC."

You can read the rest for yourself at the above link.  But if you still want more, feel free to check out Matt's response and the follow up by fellow HP writer Rob Mahoney.  I would put up a poll, but this being an NBA site, I'm not sure the results would be worth anything.  So feel free to state your argument in the comments below.

For my part, I'm obviously a big NBA fan first and foremost, but I do appreciate the drama of the NCAA tourney.  To pick up on the food analogies that Andrew Sharp was using, I liken it to basketball being my favorite restaurant.  The NBA is always going to be the main course for me.  Sometimes I'll go for an appetizer or dessert (college or maybe even D-League) but not that often.

And since we're on the topic of the NCAA, how about a little early draft talk?  And here as well.