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Marcus Landry Knows The Deal

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Green Street " Journey to the D-League, Part 3: The players

If you’re not a star, the key to surviving in the NBA is learning how to have at least one bankable commodity in your arsenal. For Landry, who certainly brings basketball skills to the table, it’s as simple as hustle.

For such an inexperienced player, Landry has caught on quick. He knows there’s no guarantee that he’ll be back in Boston, and if he’s not, he sees this as a chance to make an impression on someone else. It’s just business. "I’m learning that as I go along," he said. "I’m catching on to it. I really don’t let anything affect me. Some times they tell you one thing, but they tell you that so there won’t be a rumor. You just have to go with the flow. You can’t really believe everything you hear. You just have to go out every day and work hard."