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I Will Never Understand Tony Allen

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I give up.  I will never be able to pin down an opinion on Tony Allen.  There have been times when I was done with him, ready to send him packing with the next train out of town.  There have been times when I've been very glad that he never did leave. And in between those times, the guy is a complete mystery to me.

I get the feeling that most of you feel the same way.  I don't really even need to write much on this post because I know there will be tons of comments right down below.  Many of the people commenting may not even have read this - they just saw "Tony Allen" and they have gone right to the comments section to spout off their Pavlovian response about him (good or bad but not usually indifferent).  Just check out the forum post that poses the question: "Should TA be signed?"  It is 6 pages so far and I have a feeling it is just getting going.

Take a moment and also read the thoughts by Kevin Henkin of Celtics Stuff Live.

Sir Winston Churchill once famously referred to Tony Allen as a "riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma." Okay, so he was talking about the commie Russians, but I contend that the same principle applies to TA. He's the proverbial box of chocolates. Some nights, he looks lost in the woods. Balls bouncing off knees. Passes to the guy sitting in the third row. Senseless fouls committed as the opposing team's shot clock dwindles to nil. On other nights, however - and the most recent game against Denver obviously comes to mind - he serves a very valuable role coming off the bench. Energy guy. Lockdown man-on-man defender. Slasher to the basket. Selfless passer. Partner in aggression with Rajon Rondo on the break.

Yup, pretty much.

So, what are your thoughts on Tony?