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Closer Than It Should Have Been

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The Celtics started off great, building a lead as high as 24 points.  In came the reserves, off went the switch, and back came the Kings.  Slowly but surely, they chipped away at the lead and got it down to 6 points with just a few minutes left.  This felt like one of those games that they figured they had won, so they pulled the foot off the pedal.  Against a better team that would have been trouble.  But Doc put the starters back in and they managed to put the game away.

  • Landry was a beast tonight, dropping 30 points.
  • Udrich looked good too, with 12 assists and 16 points.
  • Rondo was better of course, with a wopping 18 assists.
  • KG was active early on, with 7 boards in the first quarter and 13 for the game.
  • 11 of the 12 active Celtics scored tonight.
  • All the starters had a positive plus/minus tonight
  • All the reserves except Glen Davis had negatives.
  • The Hawks lost tonight!  To the Sixers too, so that was unexpected.

A special note just for the folks that think this review is a little dreary for a relatively easy win: This game really didn't feel like it was close at all until the middle of the 4th quarter.  In fact, I had a post half written titled "Boom, roasted" that was going to mock the Kings for not showing up.  Then they showed up and I had to re-write the whole recap.  So I guess I was just in a bad mood because of that.