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Perkins Doubtful For Sunday

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Doc Rivers relies on Michael Finley’s advice -

It appears as though Nate Robinson (sprained left ankle) will play tonight, while Kendrick Perkins [stats] (left knee tendinitis) will sit out his second straight game. "I think Nate’s pretty good," Rivers said. "He looked good today. We didn’t do a lot, but he moved around pretty well, so I think Nate will play. And I don’t think Perk will play." Perkins’ return will be determined by how soon the discomfort subsides. "You know, he may play (tonight), but I don’t think he will," Rivers said. "Right now I would say no. The way we’re looking at it, it gives him three extra days because it’s the only break we have where we have two days off after a game. It just gives him a longer rest. "It was bothering him. It was affecting his play. Obviously if it was the playoffs he’d be playing, no doubt. But it’s not, so I think we have to take advantage." Rivers added that if Robinson’s ankle swells today, he will sit.