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Celtics Have Some Interest In Hughes

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Celtics hope to get shot at Michael Finley -

A Celtics source confirmed yesterday the primary target is veteran swingman Michael Finley, who was bought out of his contract by San Antonio on Monday. Finley is expected to clear waivers tonight. The team also is interested, to a lesser degree, in free agent guard Larry Hughes.
The source added the Celtics also have lingering interest in Hughes, though they would have to wait for the former Knick’s broken finger to heal. According to a published report, Hughes’ negotiations with Charlotte broke down this week over the team’s concerns about his readiness. The current market appears to have produced less than the Celtics anticipated. According to the source, the team anticipated buyouts for New Jersey’s Tony Battie - a former Celtic - and Bobby Simmons. But both remained Nets.

We knew that some guys would be bought out after the deadline, and every year since the Big 3 arrived we've been aggressive picking those guys up.  Interesting that the team is less than thrilled with this year's crop.  I hope they were not counting too heavily on it.  Finley was probably a pleasant surprise, but I think Battie or possibly Simmons would have been nice pickups too.

I would imagine that Hughes is the backup option if we miss out on Finley.  I must say that I'm pretty un-excited about the potential of adding Larry.  I doubt that the team would add both players, even though they do have 2 roster spots open.