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Celtics Claw Past Bobcats

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Plain and simple: The Celtics, particularly in the second half, had it going on tonight. They dismantle the Bobcats, 104-80. The highlights:

  • Paul Pierce silenced his recent critics with 27 points, four assists, and three steals. 
  • Solid, well-balanced line for KG tonight: 12 points, five rebounds, four assists, and four blocks.
  • GINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's the Celtics' first double-digit win at home since December 20. 
  • It was Pierce's first 20-point game since January 29.
  • Nate Robinson was burying buckets all night. He had 16 points when it was all said and done. 
  • Celtics as a team shot 10-16 from three-point nation. 
  • The C's recorded 27 assists on 38 baskets. The ball was moving all night. 
  • The C's held Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson to 5-15 shooting and 16 points, combined
  • No starters had to play in the fourth quarter. 

Overall, the Celtics still aren't back to where they need to be, but this was most definitely a step in the right direction. Solid, solid win for this group tonight. Great to see. Great energy from everyone. Great spirit. The players actually looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Final - 3.3.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Charlotte Bobcats 21 24 16 19 80
Boston Celtics 31 23 28 22 104

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