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CelticsBlog T-Shirts and More Tickets

Update: The tickets are all gone!

We've got another set of tickets to give away but a lot of people are getting left out because they don't happen to be on the site when we give them away.  So we checked with T-Mobile and they said that we could sell CelticsBlog t-shirts (with their logo included) and package the tickets together with the t-shirts for no extra cost.  We have 64 tickets to give away to the last game of the season (4/14 against the Bucks).


Here's the deal:

1. Buy one of these lovely CelticsBlog t-shirts (sponsored by T-Mobile) for $15.50 plus shipping (no tax).

2. Your name will be recorded in the purchase process and we'll give that name to the Celtics to hold a ticket for you. The first 32 people that buy t-shirts will get a free pair of tickets.

3. Show up the day of the game with your photo ID and pick them up at Will Call.

That's it.  Sound good?  By the way, it isn't required, but I sure would love it if you all wore CelticsBlog shirts to the game that night (but order soon, shipping time is 5 - 10 business days).

Keep in mind that we're not making a lot of money on these t-shirts (and I can't control the pricing at all).  I'm probably going to put the money towards advertising or some other way of investing into the site.  Also, if we don't sell 32 shirts by April 11, we'll just give the rest of the tickets away.

Buy your CelticsBlog t-shirt here! (no more tickets!!!)

Well, those sold a lot quicker than I thought.  

The tickets are all gone!

You can still buy a t-shirt, but if you buy it now, we can't offer you any tickets.

If you need confirmation or have any questions, please email me.

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