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Doc is still struggling to come up with a solid rotation for the playoffs.  The second unit didn't do much to prove themselves against the Spurs either.

Celtics coach Rivers still sorting through playoff rotations - The Boston Globe

It’s uncertain who will play on a given night. A left knee injury to Kendrick Perkins allowed Brian Scalabrine to get some action after he was on the inactive list for 10 games. Tony Allen had his playing time drastically cut with the arrival of Michael Finley, but has played 41 minutes over the past three games. The consensus is Rivers can’t stick with a 10- or 11-man rotation during the playoffs. There needs to be consistent minutes for his primary rotation so they can prepare for their postseason roles. "It seems like a short period of time but it’s a long time for us to come together even closer, get a solid rotation down, just to get our confidence in the right state of mind going into the playoffs,’’ Finley said following Sunday’s 94-73 loss to San Antonio. "You learn from wins and losses, more from losses, and [Sunday] was no different.’’

Who do you think should be the team's 10 or 11 man rotation in the playoffs? Who gets left out?