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Anything Left To Learn?

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The schedule reads that there are 9 games left in the regular season.  The Celtics will still have plenty to play for in terms of getting the 3rd seed over the Hawks.  However, I'm not sure how much more we can learn about this team in the next few weeks that will make much of a difference in the playoffs.

Paul Pierce is going to miss at least a game with that shoulder stinger.  Who knows when he'll be back to playing at full speed even when he comes back?  Who knows what other bumps and bruises the rest of the team is playing through right now?  Does any of this sound familiar?

Speaking of sounding familiar, I'm going to keep repeating my underlying position on this team over and over again till the playoffs begin.  We can beat anyone.  We can be beat by anyone.  It all depends on health, commitment, and luck.

I'm still looking for the team to shake off that last horrible loss to the Spurs, but baring a major run of wins or losses (which could provide some momentum into the playoffs), I'm not sure any of these games will matter much.

Please don't tell me that the Cavs game is a "statement" game.  It is only a statement if we win.  If we lose, the only statement is "yeah, that's about how it has gone this year."

We are what we are at this point.  That isn't to say I won't be watching closely or the games don't matter.  I just don't really think I'll learn all that much new until the playoffs begin.

What do you think?