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The Celtics have had a real big problem with losing momentum and losing leads this year.  Much of the blame can go on a stagnant second string offense.  Nate Robinson was brought in to be a spark for that second unit and in the last couple of games, he's delivered in a big way.  But don't take my word for it, read what Kevin Garnett had to say.

Robinson flashing an array of skills - The Boston Globe

"Nate is pure energy, man, I said it from Day 1, since he has been here,’’ Celtic forward Kevin Garnett said. "We hated to lose E. House but not only is [Robinson] pure energy, he’s good energy. He’s almost like fresh air. He fits right in with our team, he’s unselfish. We all knew he could play, but his personality is what stands out most about him - very respectable person, very high energy. And, like I said, I love the way he plays. We love the way he comes out and just puts it all on the floor.’’

"He’s the reason, really, why we turned the corner like we did,’’ Garnett said of Robinson’s performance. "I think he took the momentum himself and just ran with it. We were talking about the possibilities of what this could be with him, especially with he and [Rajon] Rondo on the court. Defensively, that’s going to be hell for opposing guards bringing the ball up. So, Nate’s a blessing in disguise for our team and we’re glad to have him.’’

Meanwhile, Bill Walker had his second straight 20 point game for the Knicks.  Still, if Nate can keep up something close to this kind of production shooting the ball (53% from 3 point range), nobody is going to miss Eddie House's production.