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Celtics Reach Agreement With Michael Finley

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A couple of dotted i's and crossed t's are the only things that are standing in the way of Michael Finley becoming a Boston Celtic.

League sources told earlier today that both sides reached an agreement that will bring the two-time All-Star to Boston.

Finley's agent Henry Thomas, who confirmed the report, said Finley will be in town on Saturday.

"He really wanted to go somewhere where he would get a chance to compete for minutes, and have a chance at winning another championship," Thomas said. "Of the teams that expressed interest, Boston was the best fit to achieve those two things."

The Celtics get even older here, but if he can still hit some jumpers, he could help a bit.

Update: Marc Spears confirms the story and indicates that he could be available for the Wizards game on Sunday.

“There were a lot of elements there that were attractive. He hopes to make an impact like [former Celtics forward] P.J. Brown did.”

Update 2: ESPN Boston

"It's official now," Finley told after verbally committing to Boston. "I'm soon to be a Celtic."