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Friday Night Lights

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After scoring no points in the first half, Rondo started attacking the basket again and again in the 3rd quarter, finishing with half of the team's points in the quarter (14 of the 28).  He finished with 16 points, 11 assists, and 6 boards.

  • Garnett (22 and 8) stepped up with an excellent game all around.  Starting to feel a lot more comfortable watching him out there.
  • Ray had another solid night (16 pts) even though he only hit one 3 pointer.
  • 4 big blocked shots for Perkins.  Oh yeah, and his 13th T of the season.
  • Not much from Pierce tonight following up his big performance against the Bobcats.
  • Nice game by Baby though who contributed 12 and 6.
  • Lou Williams had a huge game for Philly.  I think the Celtics defense takes away the first few options for another team and dares their 2nd tier players to step up - and sometimes they do.
  • On the other hand, letting Brand hit 6 of 6 from the floor to start the game isn't exactly taking away a primary option.  So much for that theory.
  • Our second unit gave us a lift in the 2nd quarter as well - outscoring the Sixers 14-9 (h/t Jess Camerato)
  • Overall a good defensive effort, holding the Sixers to 86 points.

We've finally got a winning streak!  This is sad, but Chris Fosberg points out: 

The Celtics have won three in a row for the first time since opening the second half of the season with a trio of wins on the west coast. (You'd have to go back to late December for the last three-game streak before that).