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Random Weekend Thoughts

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Nothing really worth its own post but some random thoughts to share just 'cause.

  • Call me crazy but I feel like Finley will have a PJ Brown moment in the playoffs.  I think Brown, after he got his legs under him, was a perfect fit and really helped our big man rotation in the playoffs in 08, and Finley doesn't exactly fill a defined need and I doubt he has much long-term impact.  But at some point, I feel like he'll be called upon to make a play and I have a lot of confidence that because of his experience, he'll calmly make the play like it was a walk in the park.
  • So the Nets beat the Knicks by 20.  I think New York is a fundamentally flawed team and prone to big collapses, but I also think that the Nets were not really as bad as their record indicated.  That said, it doesn't take the C's off the hook for that loss.  It was still the low point in the season.  Hopefully we can keep the streak going and keep it going when we face some of the better teams.
  • It is going to be odd seeing the Wizards without their version of the big 3.  They would seem to be easy pickings, but since the deadline they've strung together some wins based on young legs and inspired play.  So I hope we don't look past them.
  • Hello March Madness, I missed you.
  • Love the following quote by Doc.
"Yeah, so we're old," said Rivers. "We don't mind. We could be young (and stupid) or old and dignified, like us."