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Deja-Vu Averted

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For 3 and a half quarters, this had the look and feel of the Nets game.  Then the Celtics somehow turned a 13 point deficit (with just 6 minutes left) into a win.

  • The Celtics played with no heart for the first three quarters.  They looked pathetic.
  • The Wizards were the ones that came out with the heart and energy that the Celtics had no answer for, ...until, you know, the last few minutes.
  • Who is Andre Blatche and how did he get the best of KG, ...until, you know, the last few minutes.
  • 8 blocked shots for the Wizards.  Eight!
  • We let them dominate the pace of the game for most of the game.  We can't do that.  Our transition D isn't good enough to keep up with a younger team.  We have to slow teams down and methodically pick them apart.  Run when there's an opportunity, but not because the other team is dictating the pace.
  • I think I've figured out how I feel about Davis - and it isn't anything really new.  He does pretty well ...for a guy his size.  That qualifier will never leave him.  He'll always be too short (and not athletic enough to overcome it).  So he'll always be fundamentally flawed.  Too bad, because he does have heart.
  • The Wizards showed a lot of heart, until they faced a charging rhino of a Celtics team.  Then they wilted.  That's just inexperience.  That won't happen against better teams.  But I'll still take it.
  • I was very emotional in this game.  Just really upset for most of the game, ...until, you know, the last few minutes.
  • Thank you Rondo.  Thank you Ray.  Thank you Celtics for finally waking up and doing what you should have done to begin with.