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T-Mobile Player of the Week (You Decide)

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This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Seems like every week someone disagrees somewhat with my pick for player of the week, so this week I'm tossing it back to you folks. I'll give you 4 candidates and you can chose who is most deserving.

Nobody had a perfect week but all of these guys stepped up and contributed to the 4 game winning streak.

Ray Allen: Scored 18, 3, 16, and 25 points last week. In fairness, he only took 2 shots against Charlotte in just 17 minutes due mostly to the blowout nature of that win (and Paul's hot hand). Without Ray, we don't win that Washington game. Period, end of story.

Paul Pierce: An up and down week for Paul. Scored 9, 27, 7, and 17 points (after missing the previous 3 games). He had perhaps his best game of the year against the Bobcats, entertaining us with a vintage Pierce performance. However, he had some much quieter performances as well - which we've become a little too familiar with lately.

Kevin Garnett: KG is rounding into shape, it would seem. He averaged 14 points and 8 rebounds last week, which is about what you'd expect from him at this point. But like his teammates his efforts were a little uneven. He followed up a 22 point effort with an 0-7 from the field stinker last night. That said, he still got praise from his coach for his defense and pulled down 10 boards.

Rajon Rondo: Our All Star point guard probably had the most consistent (statistical) stat line - with 15, 8, 16, and 15 points to go along with 11, 6, 11, and 7 assists. Once again, the worst game of that stretch came against the Bobcats where he wasn't called upon to do much. Of course, with Rondo it seems that for every 2 good quarters of play he disappears for 1. I think he's still trying to seek that balance between taking over and deferring to his teammates.

So cast your vote. Who deserves to be the T-Mobile Player of the Week this time?

By the way, heads up: CelticsBlog will be giving away 70 tickets to the next home game courtesy T-Mobile. You read that right, 70.