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Doc: "Either you’re on the bandwagon or you’re off"

Doc is not feelin' this.
Doc is not feelin' this.

Doc Rivers derides bandwagon -

"You don’t have to be (optimistic) because I am," he said. "I look at our team, and we played one bad night. We were playing great up until two games ago. Were you optimists three games ago? "Either you’re on the bandwagon or you’re off," Rivers continued. "I tell guys that all the time. That’s the way I think, and that’s how our team should think. I’m not going to spend time trying to convince you to dislike us or like us. Our team just has to keep working. "Should I worry about a team where you guys don’t think we can win anymore?"

I understand why a coach that is constantly being asked the same questions over and over might say this.  And to be fair, I'm not sure he's using the term "bandwagon" in the best way here - because it implies the type of fans that literally give up on their team when things are going poorly.  I don't think that applies to too many people who read this site regularly.

However, I don't think he "gets it" in terms of seeing this team from a fan's perspective.  I'm all for being optimistic if that is your personality, but I'm not about to tell someone how to root for their team.  Should we blindly believe that this team is going to win it all until the final horn sounds on the elimination game?  If not, then when is it "ok" to doubt the team?  

We're all fans here, but not everyone here is optimistic.  I don't think that makes them "bandwagon" fans in the least.  If I want to change my mind another 100 times about this team's chances, that's my right as a fan.

So with all due respect Doc, perhaps you don't have to convince me to like or dislike you with your words, but your team has to prove it on the court.