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Celts Lack (Consistent) Offense

Kelly Dwyer looks at the struggles the Celtics and Lakers have had on offense lately.

What's ailing the Lakers and Celtics? Offense - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports

This team is clearly a step behind the Lakers, Cavaliers and Magic. That's just how it is. And though they can still come through with a jaw-dropping performance here and there, the thing that sets the championship contenders apart is their ability to consistently perform at the highest level. And there's nothing consistent about Boston's greatness. It's there, to be sure. But parsed out over a seven-game series? With playoff competition, you need to bring four times in seven games, four series in a row. Unless something changes, drastically, Boston won't be able to pull that off. Why? Because the offense is average.

That is a solid point I think.  The Celtics CAN look great, but they DON'T do it on a consistent basis.  That could be the team's undoing in the playoffs.

He concludes with the same conclusion I've come up with:

That doesn't mean I count the Celtics out of the championship hunt. No way. Not with that defense.
But should anyone be surprised at a first-round ouster? No way. Not with that offense.