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Windy City Woes

Derrick Rose scored a career-high 39 points as the Chicago Bulls kept their playoff hopes alive with a 101-93 win over  the Boston Celtics.

  • With this loss, the Atlanta Hawks clinch the third seed in the Eastern Conference, leaving the Celtics in the fourth spot. 
  • Derrick Rose was everywhere tonight, and thoroughly outplayed Rajon Rondo. Rose added five rebounds, seven assists, three blocks, and two steals to his 39 points. Rondo finished with four points, three rebounds, and six assists. 
  • Kirk Hinrich was unstoppable late in the fourth quarter. He buried two threes after the 3:15 mark of the fourth quarter and added a jumper just inside the arc with 43.7 seconds left to seal the deal for the Bulls. Hinrich finished with 30, meaning 69 of the Bulls' 101 points came from their starting backcourt. 
  • The play that pretty much summed up the night, and quite possible Rasheed Wallace's season happened with 9:52 left in the fourth quarter. Brad Miller missed a shot, 'Sheed went up for the rebound, couldn't actually grab the ball (it did a tap dance on his outstretched fingers), and somehow tipped it back into Chicago's basket, thus giving the Bulls two points. 
  • If you're looking for a positive, look no further than Paul Pierce. The captain scored 28 points on 12-17 shooting and flat out wrecked Luol Deng, one of the league's best one-on-one defenders, for most of the evening. Not even first quarter foul trouble could slow Paul tonight. He scored 12 of the 28 in the third quarter, with 10 of those coming in the first five minutes of the frame. He was flat out un-guardable. Unfortunately, so was Derrick Rose. 
  • Kevin Garnett, for the most part, looked good in his 28 minutes of action. 14 points and 9 rebounds. What do you all think about KG being more aggressive on offense during the playoffs? 
  • 25 for the always steady Ray Allen. 
The Celtics wrap up the regular season tomorrow night at home against the Milwaukee Bucks, who are currently a game behind the Miami Heat for the fifth spot in the Eastern Conference. If the playoffs started today, the Celtics and Heat would square off. The Bucks hold a 3-1 record against the Heat this year, so if the Heat lose tomorrow night and the Bucks win, we're going to see a Celtics - Bucks first round matchup. If we beat the Bucks, we'll get the Heat in the opening round.