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Even More Links - Where Sheed Is Least Valuable

Here are some additional links I wanted to point out, mostly for selfish reasons.  I wrote 2 mini-articles for as part of their season review and playoff look-ahead pieces.  The first is a look back at the old MVP, Coach of the Year, and all that stuff...

SB Nation's 2010 NBA Awards: As Chosen By The Bloggers Who Know Them Best - SB Nation

The twist was that they had "Least Valuable" type categories.  Guess who ran away with the award for Least Valuable Player.  Yup, our own Sheed.  So I wrote them a quick synopsis (think Bill Simmons minus 8,800 words) on why Sheed was such a disappointment.  You should follow the link for the whole thing, but here's how I concluded it:

Of course all will be forgiven if he really can "flip the switch" in the playoffs and justify the Celtics "CTC (cutting the check)" for him. But if he doesn't, all he'll be hearing is "ball don't lie" from the Garden faithful.

Next up is SBNation's attempt to get fans from lottery team markets to root for playoff bound teams.

NBA Playoffs Adopt-A-Team: Boston Celtics, Because It's Their Last Shot - SB Nation

Once again, please follow the link for the whole thing, but here's a small sample:

Root for Paul Pierce to take his place among the greats of Celtic past. Root for Ray Allen to convince the Celtics to let him retire in Boston and break Reggie Miller's three-point record there. Root for Kevin Garnett to win the title again so he can try to top his "anything's possiblllllllllllllllllllle" howl with something even more over the top. Root for the Celtics so the new stars can see that defense still does win championships.

Finally, for some links to things that I DIDN'T write, check out the following:

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