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First Round Playoff Predictions

So how exactly will the Celtics' first round playoff series with the Miami Heat play out? CelticsBlog's writing team weighs in with its predictions and thoughts:

Jeff Clark: Celtics in 5 games. The Heat are just too one dimensional. I think the Celtics can arrange their defensive gameplan enough to limit the Heat on that side of the ball. I also think that the players are going to rally around the "everyone is counting us out" mentality. Ironically, while the team struggled the last couple of years in the first round, I think this year will be a cakewalk in comparison.

Green 17: Celtics in 6 games. The Celtics come out flat in Game 1 and lose. Wade gets all the calls in Game 2, and the C's lose again. Finally the switch flips and the Celtics sweep the next four.

Steve Weinman: Celtics in 6 games. Because even though they've been a .500 team since Christmas, and I think the outlook after the first round would kindly be described as bleak, I can't bring myself to believe that this crew has fallen enough to lose in the first round. I'm past the point of trying to be much more analytical than that with this enigmatic group. Call this pick my homage to Tommy.

Jimmy Toscano: Celtics in 5 games. The C's will lose one game in Miami. Wade will still put up big numbers in the series, but he won't get enough help from his teammates. The Celtics should be able to bully the Heat down in the paint.

FLCeltsFan: Celtics in 5 games. I have been hearing how the Celtics are built for the playoffs and how they are going to pick up their games for the playoffs and I have bought into it. The Celtics will want to prove all the naysayers wrong but more than that, I think they are going to rally together to give Doc another championship to keep him in Boston next season to defend it. Teams with strong point guards tend to give the Heat problems and I see Rondo taking over and leading the team to a 4-1 series victory.

tenaciousT: Celtics in 6 games. I'm going with the Celtics in 6. I think they can take the Heat even with their disturbing year. But I think they'll lose a few along the way in keeping with the season. Jermaine O'Neal is a player that Perkins does well against and he needs to do well for the Heat to win.

Greg Payne: Celtics in 5 games. Contrary to what Bill Simmons has to say, I can't see this group losing in the first round. The C's, despite the maddening inconsistencies throughout the season, still have far too many weapons for the Heat to overcome. I'll be keeping my eye on Ray Allen, as I see him being one of the most significant keys for the Celtics throughout the entire postseason. Dwyane Wade's brilliance will steal the Heat a game in Miami, but the C's will return home in Game 5 and wrap this bad boy up.

Feel free to leave your own predictions in the comments section.