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Tony and the Celtics Finish Strong

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Wow, the playoffs have officially begun.  It took the Celtics a while to figure it out, but about midway through the 3rd quarter the Celtics flipped that switch and finished out strong.

  • Player of the game is Tony Allen for his early offense and his late defense on Wade.
  • We need to have Tony get the flu more often.
  • Wade still got 26, but the strategy of putting Tony on him and doubling when he got into the paint worked.
  • Worried that KG could be suspended for the next game for that elbow.
  • With that said, I kinda like it when it gets chippy.  That's playoff basketball.  Hope if fires them up.
  • Tony gets most of the credit but the bench on the whole played very, very well tonight.
  • Nice effort by Big Baby after a frustrating first half for him.  Way to stick with it big guy.
  • If and when Ray starts knocking them down from long distance, out.
  • Rondo looked tired for stretches but was still solid enough to dish out 10 assists.
  • Can't remember when I've seen more shot clock violations (for both teams).
  • Need to keep this good momentum going into the next game.