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Doc Not Saying Who Will Start

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no comment - Blogs: Celtics Insider" Blog Archive " Monday practice notes: Sheed or Baby?

Doc Rivers said he wasn’t sure who would start in Garnett’s place. Glen Davis was working with the first unit during the brief period of practice open to the media, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get the call. Rivers has looked to Rasheed Wallace to fill in throughout the season when Garnett has been absent.

"They’re completely different players," Rivers said. "Sheed gives us more size, he gives us a better post player and he spreads the floor. Baby gives you energy, Baby moves his feet a little bit better on the (Michael) Beasley match-up. They’re just so completely different, that’s what makes the decision so difficult. It would be easy if they were similar. But they’re not so it’s tougher."

I think if it was going to be Sheed he'd have said so already.  I expect Glen Davis to get the start.