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Daily Links 4/20

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Herald    Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis offer Celtics two options
Doc Rivers has ‘Q’ for league officials
Celtics must repeat the little things

Kevin Garnett searching for positives
LeBron James’ 40 lead Cavs over Bulls
For the first time, Kobe Bryant is Lakers’ unknown factor
Lakers saw Kevin Durant at his worst, now they expect his best
More proof the NBA is a player’s league
Globe    Stu Jackson explains KG's suspension
Garnett "not surprised at all" by suspension
Tipping their hand?

Celtics have been down this road before
Swift action was the right call
Taking an outside shot?

CelticsBlog    Time for Ray Allen to Get Going
Jerry Stackhouse – Don’t Stick a Fork in Him Yet.
Defense In Focus
Celtics Green    No Shortage of Bulletin Board Material
Today's Referees
Loscy  Tony Allen: Much In The Clutch Against El D-Wade and El Heat
A Call To Arms: Kill Q-Rich (Celtics’ Public Enemy)    Let the mind games begin: Rivers, C's mum on KG replacement
Celtics 3-Point Play on Facebook
Post Ups Notebook 2009-10
Game Preview: Round 1, Game 2 - Heat at Celtics
Red's Army    Doc plays coy... Rondo blows it for him.
Your Morning Dump... Where the C's will just have to adjust
The 8th Seed: April Playoffs edition
Courtside View   Celtics Monday practice report II: Rasheed Wallace warns of ‘Wade Factor’ with officials
North Station Sports    Boston Celtics: The Second Unit Are Ready to Answer the Call
NESN   Celtics Must Step Up to Defend Home Court in Game 2 Without Kevin Garnett
Reserves Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis Must Make Up for Loss of Kevin Garnett
Quentin Richardson's Antics Are Nothing New to Celtics
'Big Bad Wolf of the Eastern Conference,' Celtics Ready for Game 2
Celtics Live Blog: Kevin Garnett's Suspension Demands Extra Effort From C's
Rajon Rondo Carrying Celtics in Postseason Once Again
Celtics Town   Jermaine O’Neal blames himself for Boston’s good ‘D’
Somebody get Danny Ainge a muzzle
Highlight Reel: Which Celtic will start Game Two at power forward?
Morning Walkthrough: Losing KG changes a whole lot
Rasheed Wallace again cries referee conspiracy
Lex Nihil Novi    1988 NBA Playoffs: Celtics Clinch East with Win Over Pistons
1988 NBA Playoffs: Walton's Return Deemed Iffy at Best
CelticsLife   Looks like Big Baby will get the start
Celtics Meet the Press on Monday
Should Q have been suspended too?
Today's Video: KG Being a Good Guy
NBA Ramblings- April 20th
Banner 18?    "..I got their backs."
Gino's Jungle    Game one proves it is all about the defense for the Celtics
Rally behind the cause -
Doc Rivers May Finally Wear the Pants In the Relationship
Celtics Stuff Live   Postgame Show: Celtics vs Heat - Game 2
Celtics 17   Red's Army Responds to Quentin Richardson, and Dwyer Has An Explanation For The Garnett Hate Parade
Technorati    Garnett Elbow Adds Drama to Dull Game, Series
Fan Nation    Nets like what they see in Tom Thibodeau?
4 Sport Boston    The NBA Turns Its Back on KG, Celtics Take Notice
Greenwich Time   Celtics angry agitator' Richardson gets to play on
Miami Herald    Miami Heat expecting road rage for Game 2 in Boston
Celtics Hub    Announcing the Winnahs: Stumbling On Wins
Late-Night Notebook: The "Ticket Stub," Calling out Q-Rich, On Hate and Bias
Morning Journal   CAVS NOTES: Noah’s words reaching farther than usual
Enterprise    Celtics’ Garnett accepts punishment for elbowing Richardson
Celtics’ Davis and Wallace asked to fill void left by Garnett
BU Pipe Dream   NBA playoffs: plenty of stories about to unfold
NY Daily News    New Jersey Nets eyeing Boston Celtics associate head coach Tom Thibodeau
ESPN   Wallace: I don't care if I start
Practice report: KG suspension fallout
Now or never for 'Sheed
Fire hazard! Celtics prepare for Garnett-less game
Practice report: KG suspension fallout
The "18" is back
Yahoo   K.G.'s message to Noah: Worry about Shaq
Heat not overconfident against Celtics without KG
K.G.'s message to Noah: Worry about Shaq
Telegram    Garnett's view won't be Dan-dy
Celtics double up for Garnett
Sun Sentinel    Are Celtics, Heat one-hit NBA championship wonders?
Miami Heat : The only story for the Heat is the inside story
CSN-NE    Defending Dwyane Wade
Heat prepare for Garnett-less Celtics
Same old Ray Allen
Celtics notes: Will 'Sheed or Big Baby replace KG?
Same old Ray Allen
Rondo breaks down the series with Miami
Hoop Doctors  KG is the Latest Victim of the Unwarranted Suspension
Kevin Garnett Sets The Tone for The Playoffs With……Elbows
Concord Monitor   Celtics turn to Ticket Stub
WNY Media  The NBA Playoffs: Why you should root for……(Eastern Conference) |
Fire Danny Ainge   Paul Pierce and KG in denial
Daily News Tribune   Celtics: Wallace's world in Garnett's absence
Sport News Boston Celtics Game Two Playoff Preview
USA Today   Heat not overconfident against Celtics without KG
Noah a lightning rod in series
Miami Sports Generation   Heat Must Capitalize on Suspension
3 Shades of Blue   Day One of the Playoffs
Green Street    Sheed or Baby for Game 2?
Doc: Suspend the ‘agitator’ too
Boxden   If Rajon Rondo Played For A Good Team.........   Joakim Noah spends a cranky off day: Cleveland? 'It's bad, man'; Celtics' Kevin Garnett? 'He's a dirty player'
SB Nation   Garnett Suspension Could Bring Out Emotion Celtics Need To Succeed
Slam Online   Kevin Garnett: Suspended, Dissed
SI,com    Boston is America's best sports city
Ball Don't Lie   Why we don't like Kevin Garnett any more
Why do Quentin Richardson and Paul Pierce not like each other?
Sun Times    Noah right—nice 'kid' Garnett has turned thug   Impressive Walker Regarded as a Piece of the Future
Examiner   Celtics Game 1 win leaves a lot to be desired
Fox News    Answers becoming clear early in playoffs
Opposing Views   Opposing Views: 5 Lessons Learned from the NBA Playoffs' Opening Weekend