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Glen Davis to start over Rasheed Wallace Tonight

The Ticket Stub makes a return tonight
The Ticket Stub makes a return tonight

From the Herald:

"It is Baby," Perkins said after this morning’s shootaround. "Baby’s been there before. We got trust in Baby so we know he’s going to come out and play hard and do what he has to do."

Perkins said the team has confidence in Davis after he averaged 15.8 points and 5.6 rebounds in Garnett’s absence last postseason.

"He stepped in. He wasn’t KG, but he did a great job," Perkins said. "They’re two different types of players, but we got full trust in Baby. I know he’ll come in and do what he has to do tonight. The good thing about is we don’t haveto survive the whole playoffs without KG. It’s just one game."


Well, it looks like Perkins spilled the beans. Davis did have a great postseason last season, but his jumper was also falling a lot more. That being said, we know Davis will have the energy that sometimes seems to be lacking out on the court. Also, he will be more active on the offensive glass.

Will Davis be able to keep up with Michael Beasley? Beasley could pose as a matchup problem tonight for the Celtics with KG out of the lineup. Rasheed Wallace still has a chance to prove his worth coming off the bench, and if Davis can't handle Beasley early on, Doc could be quick to make the switch.

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