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Ticket Stub Returns

Pound it.
Pound it.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis was scheduled to start in place of the suspended Kevin Garnett tonight, but it was actually the "Ticket Stub" who showed up in place of the missing Big Baby.

"I knew that the Big Ticket (Garnett) was out, and that the Ticket Stub had to fly today at the beginning," said Davis after the game. "He flew in early this morning, got in and said he was ready to play. That's all I know. I do what the coaches want me to do. Today they needed the Ticket Stub, and the Ticket Stub came. Whenever they need the Ticket Stub, he'll be there."

Doc Rivers chose to go with Glen Davis over Rasheed Wallace, and Davis didn't let Rivers regret his decision. He ended the night with 23 points and eight rebounds, while getting to the line 11 times. Davis was very aggressive throughout the game, and showed his energy and hustle up and down the court. Kendrick Perkins was also active on the boards, grabbing nine on the night.

"It was one of the main focus points in today's discussion before the game that we had to hit the boards and make sure we competed on the boards," said Davis. "That was one of our main goals, so me and Perk had it on our minds that we had to go out there and make sure we had to do what we had to do."

Davis and Perkins dominated on the defensive end tonight as well, allowing the Heat to only score 20 points in the paint. Michael Beasley and Jermaine O'Neal were held to 15 points and 12 rebounds combined.


Rivers said the decision to start Davis was actually easier than people think, citing the need for speed.

"I was so concerned about (Michael) Beasley," said Rivers. "Number one, I was so concerned about their pick and roll game. And the pick and roll game requires a lot of rotation from both bigs, and you need one of your bigs to have great speed. So not having Kevin (Garnett) you needed Baby- he has great feet."

Perhaps Davis' best performance came after the game while talking to the media. Davis has been known to ham it up on stage, and is certainly not shy in front of the camera.

Asked what he thought it was like for Garnett watching the game on television, Davis responded, "Well, being the Ticket Stub, I kind of know what he wanted to happen tonight. He was kind of frustrated with what happened. He told me before the game to make sure that I do what I got to do and be physical, and that ‘anything is possible.'"

Later in the locker room, Davis was asked about his collision with Mario Chalmers in which he landed on Chalmers: "He tried to hug me. I think he just tried to show how much he loves my game, you know, he just hugged me and let me know that everything is going to be all right."