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Daily Links 4/23

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Herald    Rajon Rondo pressing point on Miami
Celtics must work quickly
Kevin Durant’s surge lifts Thunder over Lakers in home playoff debut
Young Bulls hang on to beat Cavaliers 108-106
Jason Richardson scores 42, Suns go up 2-1 over Blazers
David Stern warns coaches to quit griping about refs
Globe    Rivers sees both sides of Stern's warning
Celtics will need Wallace to step forward
Globe 10.0 - Sports video with Bob Ryan
Celtics taking fire out of Heat
Heat feel pressure to crank it up at home

CBS 4  Garnett Returns As Heat Strive For Win In Game 3
Celtics Blog   Should We Be Concerned With How Much BBD Gets Blocked?
Hitting The Road
Celtics Green   Comments from the Other Side - BONUS Cavs/Bulls 4/22
Comments from the Other Side - BONUS Lakers/Thunder 4/22
Random Thoughts on Dirty Harry Stern and Game Day
Red's Army    Your Morning Dump... Where David Stern told everyone to shut the F up
We're happy to be the bad guys
The most important game of Beasley's career
Green Street   Beasley: We’ve got to make them feel old
Rondo receives votes for NBA’s Most Improved Player
Celtics Hub    An Overlooked Factor Responsible for The C’s Defensive Resurgence
Sheed’s Main Playoff Contribution So Far: A $35,000 Fine
Guarding Wade in Game 2: Sticking With What Works
North Station Sports    Rasheed's Consistent Contributions to the Celtics
Boston Celtics: Trying to Avoid Histories Demons    With each win, Celtics regaining status as true contenders
NBC Chicago   Lebron and Crew Party After Bulls Loss
Celtics Town    Highlight Reel: Michael Jordan blocked by high schooler
Doc: Pierce’s ’stinger thing’ will continue to happen
Morning Walkthrough: Celtics looking to delete Heat
Rajon Rondo wreaking havoc on Heat backcourt
Lex Nihil Novi    1988 NBA Playoffs: Celtics Ready for Title Run
1988 NBA Playoffs: Pitino Postpones Press, Celtics Cruise
CelticsLife   To Foul or Not to Foul?
Add another 35K to the Wallace NBA Fine Bill
Stern goes Clint Eastwood on the NBA
NBA Ramblings- April 23rd
Keep up the good work Doc
Gino's Jungle    Always Keep Your Ticket Stub
ESPN   Rondo gets votes for most improved
Wallace fined $35,000 for criticizing officials
Kevin Garnett will be well-rested for the Boston Celtics' Game 3 at Miami
Cleveland locks?
C's like playoff schedule
Rivalry Renewed   Thunder Win First Playoff Game
An Open Letter to Kobe Bryant
Enterprise    Improved defense has helped gain Celtics a 2-0 lead over Heat
CELTICS NOTEBOOK: Heat will be a desperate team in Game 3 against Boston
Eagle Tribune  Sixth Man Tony Allen wants to return
Hoopsworld    NBA PM: Allen Going Nowhere
Yahoo    Stern warns coaches to quit griping about refs
Duncan continues to answer playoff call
Dimemag    Chicago and Oklahoma City win two for the underdogs
Telegram   Cranking the Heat
NY Post     Spurs may spell doom for Dallas
CSN-NE    Boo birds ready to squawk at KG, Celtics
Celtics notes: D-Wade to play more at the point#bp
NY Post     NBA: Expect Prokhorov to take Nets reins in May
Sun Sentinel   Miami Heat : ASK IRA: Will this series have Wade re-think his future?
Pro Basketball Talk    Delonte West's trial date pushed back until after season
NESN   Despite 2-0 Lead, Celtics Can't Just Coast on Road in Miami
Dana Barros Discusses Kevin Garnett's Role in Playoffs With Cole Wright (Video)
Slam Online    Stan Van Gundy’s Latest Complaint: Playoff Length
Celtics Stuff Live   Following the 1995 Rockets Would Lose the Boos for the Celtics
Hoop Doctors   NBA Announces Team Playoff Shares
USA Today    Heat hoping '1 win' can change everything
Wallace, Van Gundy, Barnes fined for criticizing
ProJo   Bill Reynolds: Is this a tease, or do Celts have one last run?
Celtics’ defense has returned to form just in time for playoffs
Mass Live    Celtics buzz: Kevin Garnett will be a villain in Miami, Glen Davis must stay hot and more
Examiner    For Celtics, times sure have changed since 1984
Google    Trial for Cavaliers guard Delonte West on gun charges postponed until July 21
WEEI   Rivers on D&C: Too much instigating in NBA
celtics - Celtics-Heat Game 3: What to watch for