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Celtics Stuff Live: Scott Souza

Join us tonight when Scott Souza of the Metro West Daily News and weekly contributor to Celtics Stuff Live will be joining us to break down the series against the Heat. Scott's feature article from today focuses on how Ray Allen got his groove back:
Prior to the All-Star break, he shot just 45 percent from the floor and 33.8 percent from beyond the arc while playing a taxing 37 minutes a night. But after the All-Star breather, he closed out the final 33 games shooting 52.4 percent from the floor and 40.3 percent from 3-point land while playing a more reasonable 33 minutes a night.

While Rajon Rondo fueled the Celtics' attack late in the year, Allen was the engine that defied the odometer.

``As long as he keeps his legs,'' Rivers said when asked how much longer Allen can remain one of the game's most dangerous perimeter threats. ``When a shooter loses his legs, then (it's over). But he's clearly got his legs, and he's making shots. His fundamentals are so strong. That may allow him to keep (playing) longer and longer, because he's flawless.''

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