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Closing Out Means Playing As A Team

team defense is key
team defense is key

How do you stop an amazing (but single) player?  Simple.  Play very good team basketball.

Couldn't agree more with this quote from Doc:  

Stopping a 1-man show -

"If it was that easy, he wouldn’t be Dwyane Wade," Rivers said. "If I can find a guy in the league that can just keep Dwyane Wade in front of him whenever he wants to, we’re signing him. Hopefully (owner Wyc Grousbeck) has some more money to give and we’re going to go get him. It’s going to be a team effort. It’s not going to be one guy."

So how do you do it?

Heat have an outside shot - The Boston Globe

The Celtics don’t have the answer to stopping Wade, who scored at least 20 points in 65 of 77 games this season. But they did apply double teams in the final six minutes Sunday that held Wade to 2 points. Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he won’t simply opt for a double team to begin the game. He will mix up his defense before Wade gets hot. "I didn’t think we had the same defensive urgency we had in Game 1 or Game 2,’’ Rivers said. "You can’t change much [with Wade]. You have to do a little bit better in what you are doing and if he’s making shots, he’s making shots.

The team also watched lots of tape:

Celtics have a sense of urgency now - The Boston Globe

As crushing to the Celtics as Dwyane Wade’s 46 points were on Sunday, the dominoes seemed to have been tipped from the start. It wasn’t just the 16 turnovers or 11 missed free throws. It was being a step slow on a defensive rotation, which Kevin Garnett saw on the film. It was allowing Michael Beasley to drive to his left, which led to his 15-point night on 6-of-13 shooting. They saw the difference, Garnett said, between "what you thought you did and what you actually did.’’

The bottom line is that we have a better TEAM than Miami and that is why we should close it out tonight at home in Boston.