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Say Hello to the Second Round

The Boston Celtics defeat the Miami Heat, 96-86, in Game 5 to advance to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

  • Celtics led by 10 at the half, broke this bad boy open in the third thanks to some hot shooting from Ray Allen, only to see a 21-point lead dwindle to six heading into the fourth. 
  • Two Dwyane Wade three-pointers in the final three minutes of the third quarter were a little unsettling. For a minute it was looking like it'd be Sunday afternoon all over again. Overall though, his heroics were limited, even though he still finished with 31 points. Was this his last game in a Heat uniform? 
  • Ray finished with 24 on 9-15 shooting, including 5-6 from three-point nation. 
  • Rajon Rondo was just two rebounds shy of a triple-double. He scored 16 points, dished out 12 assists, and added four steals to boot. 
  • With the exception of a few ugly turnovers early on, Paul Pierce had a solid evening. 21 points on 8-13 shooting. 
  • Nice minutes for Glen Davis tonight, taking charges and scoring five of his seven points in the fourth quarter. 
  • Michael Beasley was a no-show. He didn't hit one shot, scored just two points on free throws, and didn't play a minute in the second half. 
  • Quentin Richardson came back down to Earth tonight with four points, proving that Sunday's game was just one of those incredibly rare exceptions that just kinda happens every once in a while. Just to set the record straight, Paul Pierce > Quentin Richardson. 
  • The Celtics held the Heat to just 79.6 points per game at home in this series, mainly by severely limiting the productions of Wade's supporting cast. 
  • The Cavaliers and Bulls are actually locked in a tight one right now. If the Cavs win, the Semi-Finals begin Saturday.