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LeBron's Mystery Elbow Issues

Is he 100%?
Is he 100%?

Not sure what to make of this.  It could be an issue for him but I find it more likely that he'll be just fine.  Still, it is something worth watching.  Brian Windhorst reports:

It is not clear what sort of shape James will be in when the matchup with the Celtics starts Saturday night at The Q.

Stretching and shaking his right arm as if it was asleep for much of the fourth quarter, he was able to take his needed and normal role of fourth-quarter bulldozer. He scored eight of his 19 points -- his lowest output in the series -- in the fourth and pulled down several vital rebounds.

He did it despite the elbow going numb on him a few times, a malady he has been battling for nearly a month. But this was the first time it significantly affected him in a game.

"I don't honestly know what is going on," said James, who had an X-ray and an MRI on the elbow on Monday that showed no structural damage.

"It almost feels like you hit your funny bone and it numbs up. I've never had a problem with my elbow before. Don't know when it happened, hopefully it doesn't continue to bother me. It bothers me more because I don't actually know what it is."

"We'll figure it out, we have the best docs in Cleveland. I'm not concerned; Cleveland fans have nothing to worry about."

Well, nothing except another 2nd round flameout and LeBron leaving town in a huff.  Just sayin.