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T-Mobile Player of the Week

This post is sponsored by T-Mobile.

Another week, another chance to award someone with the player of the week. And another situation where I haven't the foggiest who to give it to, so I'm throwing it out to you.

The candidates please!

Paul Pierce: Just one above average game (27 pts. vs. Houston) but no really bad games, so he gets a nod for being most consistent.

Kevin Garnett: Only manged 3 rebounds vs. Houston but had average statistical games last week.

Ray Allen: Two really bad games, one average game, and one fantastic game against the Cavs. Without his shooting, this place would have been doom and gloom and slamming on the panic button all week.

Rajon Rondo: An off night against the Spurs, but solid the rest of the week, including 14 assists against the Cavs.

Tony Allen: Tony didn't even play against OKC but he's been a positive sparkplug, so he gets a nod here.

So, who would you give it to?